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Welcome to Artwrap, home of the New Zealand Wrapping Paper Books.

Our wrapping paper books replace traditional wrapping paper rolls with a variety of designs in one convenient, A4-size book. 

With 10 exclusive designs in each book, all crafted by NZ creatives, this is the perfect go-to for all of your wrapping paper needs. 

They’re space-saving, convenient and they provide a ready-made selection of wrapping paper for year-round gift wrapping, which solves the problem of having the ‘right’ wrapping paper for every occasion.

The Artwrap NZ Wrapping Paper books offer a premium gift wrapping experience that does all of the heavy lifting for you.

How Our Gift Wrapping Books Work

Each sheet of wrapping paper is folded down and perforated to fit in the book, ready to tear out and wrap your gifts, but here’s the kicker - each sheet folds out to a large 820 x 525mm (~A1 size), which means you can use it for wrapping a whole range of different size gifts with each sheet.

About Artwrap

Artwrap was originally established as a collaborative project with artists, designers and illustrators from around New Zealand.

Featuring exclusive designs and printed on high quality paper, the Artwrap NZ Wrapping Paper Books are perfect for everyone who appreciates design and the visual arts.

Knowing that you are giving a gift wrapped in truly original wrapping paper that showcases the New Zealand artistic community is a great way to support local and emerging talent.

The Artwrap NZ Wrapping Paper Books are more than just premium wrapping paper - they're an opportunity for you to express your creativity and New Zealand pride.

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Why Artwrap?

Wrapping paper for all occasions and all kinds of people

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Gift wrap that is truly unique

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Perfect for wrapping presents
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Gift wrap by Artwrap is suitable for every occasion

Gift Wrap For Every Occasion

Our wrapping paper books are compact, tidy and you always know exactly what you have on-hand. Plus, you’re not limited to one design - you can pick the design that best suits the recipient or the gift.