About Our Artists

Artists from our NZ Nature edition:

Bec Brown 


Bec is an artist and graphic designer based in Nelson. Working with watercolour, she produces beautiful art prints, stationery, childrens decor, fabrics, t-shirts and homewares. Her love of wildflowers and the repeated patterns found in nature is clear in her Artwrap sheet which is light, playful and pretty with a contemporary edge. 

Amy van Luijk 


Amy van Luijk is a New Zealand designer of many disciplines. She creates work for publishing and product. She has collaborated with companies to create collections of products for interiors and textiles as well as being commissioned to create illustrations for books, animation and editorial pieces. Objects and landscapes are pared back to the essential elements, with small touches of detail to bring life and character to her works. 

Katie Wilson 


In My Backyard is the home of the illustrated stationery and accessories by Katie Wilson. Her studio is in an old railway house in a small town in Coastal Otago, New Zealand, from where she paints and draws, finding inspiration in the little details she sees in her garden, the landscape around her and on long nature rambles in the beautiful Otago countryside countryside. Her illustrations are soft, peaceful but with a sense of whimsy. 

Melissa Boardman 


Melissa is a Wellington-based illustrator and pattern designer who is constantly inspired by the variety of unique birds that inhabit Aotearoa’s forests, shores and skies. Her illustrations use gouache (opaque watercolour) and Melissa offers a range of original works and art prints on her website, as well as turning them into stationery including greeting cards, stickers, calendars and other accessories like patches and tote bags. 

Alice Berry 


Alice Berry is an abstract artist in New Zealand. She has a distinct style that is colourful, fun and not the expected. She paints with passion and draws on her experiences to inform her work. Her love of nature and kiwiana can be seen in the shapes and textures in her artworks. She doesn't believe in colouring between the lines which you'll see as you look closer and notice the paint spills out onto its frame.

Jo Pearson 

Jo Pearson is a Dunedin-based illustrator and designer. She is inspired by the small details in life, her trinkets, her collections and patterns in nature. She has produced her own colouring book where you can soothe away the hours by colouring in her beautiful intricate illustrations. 



Natty’s Cat McKat, a Wellington Designer and maker,  says that she is inspired by everything! Her Nature range illustrates native NZ flora and fauna and our products strive to celebrate Aotearoa, providing beautiful mementos without being overtly ‘Kiwi’. Other influences draw from popular culture, memories and her life, to create humorous, fun illustrations to put a smile on your dial whilst aiming to evoke and celebrate the natural environment with our product, rather than impact on it..

Lisa Baudry 


Lisa is an Auckland-based Illustrator and Designer whose work is bold and vintage inspired. She produces original, hand-crafted prints and patterns using a variety of art techniques. Her work has recently attracted the attention of the New Zealand design community and she has been awarded the 2017 Bolt of Cloth Textile Award.


Flora Waycott 


Flora Waycott is an artist and Illustrator from England, who has lived in New Zealand and is currently living in Australia. Raised in Japan as a child, her parents bought her her first paint set when she was 7 years old and enrolled her into after-school art classes, where she embarked on her creative journey. 

She graduated with a degree in Textile Design and soon after, worked as a textile designer in London for a number of years, exploring patterns and exciting colour palettes before turning her focus to illustration. A love of nature is prominent in her work, combined with elements of magic, bold colours and thoughtful details. Her work can be seen in book illustrations, prints and stationery


Lou Studio 

Lou describes herself as a smart-arse, loud-moth, passionate weirdo who works in many creative fields. Thriving on the collaborative and unexpected, she lives in Wellington where she is inspired by her environment. 


Artists from our ‘In Bloom’ edition



Our ‘New Zealand In Bloom' Artwrap book showcases the work of New Zealand artist Stacey Weaver. Her dreamy, romantic style adapts perfectly to gift wrap. Stacey’s photography is contemporary and bold, showcasing florals and botanicals in a level of detail that is stunning. Her pieces play with light, texture and form making you see nature in new and interesting ways. ‘New Zealand in Bloom’ features 10 sheets of different designs, and has been put together from both new and existing works of Stacey’s.

Artists from our ‘Celebration’ edition



Hannah is a Christchurch based designer, maker and illustrator and is also the owner of NZ’s cutest little stationery shop, Pepa. She’s driven by material responsive design - creating new materials and letting their performance and aesthetic qualities dictate the outcome. Hannah’s THANK YOU KINDLY Artwrap sheet perfectly encapsulates her consideration of memories, warmth, people and places. 



Glenn Jones is a graphic designer and illustrator, known for his bright and bold designs inspired by kiwiana and pop art. His Art Wrp design - CHRISTMAS - is the embodiment of a kiwi summer holiday at the crib, campground or beach. Formerly a Creative Director, Glenn worked on some of NZ’s most well-known brands before finding internet fame with his quirky T-shirt business. These days Glenn Jones Art is based online and allows Glenn to spend more time with his family, whilst producing contemporary art prints and homewares. 



Wellington based designer and illustrator Aleisha Findlay, of Alura Designs, specialises in thoughtful and modern work, in contemporary colours and shapes - producing art works and commissions, as well as photography and product styling. Her designs take inspiration  from fashion, nature, travel and relatable scenes of everyday life and adventures. 



Hamish is a Wellington-based graphic designer specialising in symbol identity and information design. His architectural series of iconic New Zealand buildings is instantly recognisable, especially to those based in Christchurch, as they celebrate many of the city's buildings lost in the earthquakes. His work also features nature, plants, birds and insects and his Artwrap piece ‘FOR OVERSEAS FRIENDS’ encapsulates his clean, distinctive and playful style. 



Dunedin-based illustrator and artist, Becky Lazarevic, creates work that is bold, playful and inspired by 80’s music videos, pop culture, awkward moments and daydreams. Through her distinctive, fun, style she encourages others to let go of themselves and embrace their inner-weirdness and creativity. Becky has illustrated children's books, and also takes commissions for portraits, a quirky alternative to stuffy, traditional, family portraiture. 



Bonnie Brown aka Studio Bon is an artist and illustrator living in Wellington. Bon has a background in architecture and design and uses this experience to create bold digital illustrations and artworks exploring female empowerment, fashion, floral and the reality of millennial life. Bon’s Artwrap piece, BIRTHDAY, is contemporary and bold, with a versatile and eye-catching floral design that will make your gifts sing at any occasion. 



Hydrangea Ranger is a collection of products handmade by Isabella Pachter, using a variety of mediums to create her own romantic and bohemian style. Amongst her collection are linocut prints, greeting cards, wildflower seed blends, jewellery and pressed flowers, which are all stocked in some of the best gift stores across Aotearoa. Her Artwrap sheet, LOVE, combines all of these elements and passions into one delectable and versatile piece.



OSLO is the collective talent and skills of three kiwi creatives Willem Ockhuysen, Sam Kelly and Elliot Alexander. They have all worked at Endemic World art gallery and have backgrounds in graphic design and curation. OSLO creates art prints with a focus on minimal graphic design cleverly making mash-ups of NZ themes with contemporary Scandinavian design culture, the result is eye-catching, bold and fantastic! 



Fleur creates breath-takingly beautiful mixed-media ‘stitched’ paintings and embroideries resulting in swoon-worthy pieces that are romantic, contemporary and rich with texture. Fleur creates one of a kind keepsakes that transcend trends and her piece LOVE for the Artwrap Celebrations book is a versatile and classic design that you’ll struggle to part with! 


Instagram - @studiosoph

Sophie Holt aka Studio Soph’s Artwrap design ‘Friendship’ is the embodiment of her creative style - her signature cheetah, lurking in a lush tropical foliage, on a vivid pink background. It’s bright, playful, bold and unmistakably Soph! Based in Motueka, Sophie’s art reflects the nature and bohemian spirit of this most beautiful region. This unmistakable Cheetah can be spotted on many of Sophie’s creations, from her iconic vases, hand-painted textiles, jewellery, mugs, prints, postcards and even in shop fit outs and will brighten up anyone’s day!