About Artwrap

Artwrap was originally established back in 2016 by Ami Muir as a collaborative project with artists, designers and illustrators from around New Zealand.

Our wrapping paper books were created from Ami’s personal love of all things paper and design - she figured there had to be a better way than spending hours scratching around trying to find the perfect wrapping paper for our gifts.

As an NZ art fanatic, she wanted to work with as many NZ artists as possible, and so the NZ Wrapping Paper Book was born!

Featuring exclusive designs and printed on high quality paper, the Artwrap NZ Wrapping Paper Books are perfect for everyone who appreciates design and the visual arts.

Knowing that you are giving a gift wrapped in truly original wrapping paper that showcases the New Zealand artistic community is a great way to support local and emerging talent.

The Artwrap NZ Wrapping Paper Books are more than just premium wrapping paper - they're an opportunity for you to express your creativity and New Zealand pride.

The business changed hands in 2022, and the new owner, Pete Barnett, with over a decade's experience in major retail ecommerce in NZ, is looking to continue on with Ami's vision, grow the business and help make art available to everyone.

Pete Barnett

Artwrap is a NZ-owned and operated business, located in Waimauku near Auckland and shipping from SCS in Wiri, Auckland.

 Find out more about our Artists here.