Frequently Asked Questions about the Artwrap Wrapping Paper Books

I'm curious - what exactly is a wrapping paper book?

Each of our gorgeous books has ten sheets of ~A1 size (i.e. large) wrapping paper for all occasions, printed on high-quality paper, and each sheet is designed or illustrated by different NZ artists, designers and creatives, all folded down and perforated to fit in one convenient A4 size book.


What are the sheet sizes?

Each sheet folds out to 820 x 525mm in size


How thick is the paper?

Each sheet is 80gsm, which we are often told is ‘nice and thick’. It’s completely opaque, cuts easily and smoothly and won’t rip on you.


Who designs the sheets?

Each sheet in the Celebration Edition, NZ IN Bloom and the NZ Nature Edition has been designed or illustrated by a different New Zealand artist - making each book 100% New Zealand created! It’s a great way to learn about local and emerging artistic talent. The new Birthday and Christmas Editions also feature Kiwi artists but the majority of the designs are from international artists. 


I love this specific sheet, I’d like to know more about this artist and how to see more of their work?

Each book contains a brief bio of every artist featured so that you can look them up, follow their pages and work, and continue to support them. Alternatively you can check out the ‘About Our Artists’ page.


Why should I buy an Artwrap book and not just keep buying rolls of wrapping paper?

Rolls are a pain - they take up so much room, stacked up tall, ready to topple over whenever you pull something out of the wardrobe, or their ends are always jutting out awkwardly from shelves. The paper edges always get ripped and crushed, and you never know how much you have left (until you come to wrap something and realise there’s only 10cm left on the roll), plus they’re such a hassle to cut straight and neatly. 

Our wrapping paper books are compact, tidy, and you always know exactly what you have on-hand. Plus you’re not limited to one design! You can pick the design that best suits the recipient or the gift, which is a fun and special touch.


Would these books make a good gift?

We love to give and receive NZ designed products that are also actually useful. It’s a beautiful gift that can be used in so many ways.


How can I make the most of these beautiful sheets of wrapping paper?

It’s made to be used, enjoyed, wrapped with or given away. But if you can’t bear to part with a favourite sheet, you can use it as a poster, to wrap notebooks, for crafts, origami, letter writing, collage...you’re only limited by your imagination. Save your decent sized scraps and offcuts and you’ll be amazed at how handy they can be. 


How could I better wrap my gifts this year, and be more sustainable?

Our wrapping paper books offer a high quality wrapping experience that does all of the heavy lifting for you. Less waste. Less plastic. Look at alternatives to plastic tape, like paper or washi tape...or try the art of tapeless wrapping! 

We love using things like flowers and foliage to decorate gifts, and to use natural twines and ribbons that can be saved and reused. Follow us on Facebook as we post more ideas on creative and sustainable wrapping ideas and inspiration. 


What else could I use The Great NZ Wrapping Paper books for?

Anything and anywhere you want to add a little colour, personality and life! You can frame up your favourite Artwrap sheet and hang it as art, as drawer liners, wrapped around bunches of flowers, craft and collage, gift tags and cards, book covers, we could go on all day! 


How can I make my gift giving more sustainable?

We’re all about quality over quantity. Support local NZ makers and retailers. Buy well-made, environmentally conscious, or vintage. And useful items always make great gifts - we love to use and enjoy gifts we’ve received, rather than have items sitting around collecting dust. 


I want to ‘Support Local’ but I don’t know how. Where do I begin?

Social media and local event directories are a great place to find out what’s going on in your area - markets, fairs and pop up events are a great way to discover and meet lots of local makers (and have a lovely day out!). 

Visit locally owned gift shops and collectives and talk to the owners who are often the most warm and passionate people when it comes to supporting local. 

Follow your favourite makers on their social media pages and they will often share their favourite makers and artists too. 

Once you start immersing yourself in the world of local makers, you’ll be amazed at the sheer breadth and high level of talent we have right on our doorsteps! And share the love! If you discover someone you adore, share and credit their work on social media. That’s the wonderful thing about supporting locals - it’s a community, one you can be an active part of!