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The Celebration Edition

The Celebration Edition

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The Artwrap NZ Wrapping Paper books offer a premium wrapping experience that does all of the heavy lifting for you.

The Artwrap Celebration Edition is our most practical wrapping paper book yet, with 10 different designs for 10 different occasions, so whether you need gift wrap for a Thank You, Christmas, a newborn, birthday or just for a friend we’ve got you covered.

The Celebration Edition has been created in collaboration with some wonderfully talented NZ artists, designers and illustrators, including Glenn Jones, Studio Bon, Fleur Woods, Studio Soph and more!

Knowing that you are giving a gift wrapped in truly original wrapping paper that showcases the New Zealand artistic community is a great way to support local and emerging talent.

Featuring exclusive designs and printed on high quality paper, the Artwrap NZ Wrapping Paper books are perfect for everyone who appreciates design and the visual arts. The Artwrap NZ Wrapping Paper books are more than just wrapping paper - they're an opportunity for you to express your creativity and New Zealand pride.

The Celebration Edition includes work from the following incredible NZ designers and illustrators: 

'Thank You' by Hannah Hutchinson,

'Christmas' by Glenn Jones,

'New Baby' by Aleisha Findlay, 

'Overseas friends' by Hamish Thompson,

'Child' by Becky Lazarevic, 

'Birthday' by Studio Bon,

'Love' by Hydrangea Ranger, 

'Birthday' by Oslo, 

'Love' by Fleur Woods,

'Friendship' by Studio Soph, Instagram: @studiosoph

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