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NZ In Bloom

NZ In Bloom

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Stacey Weaver Studio, born out of a deep-rooted love for florals, draws inspiration from cherished memories of her mother's green-fingered touch in the family home. The journey began in 2015, capturing the beauty of fading blooms, with a particular fascination for the Pink Peony's elegant transformation. This artistic endeavour gave life to the first collection of botanical art prints, marking the start of a continuous celebration of nature through photography. From open editions to limited prints, the studio has evolved.

In 2018, the studio expanded its offerings, introducing a range of gift and stationery items crafted in Christchurch. The product line includes notebooks, washi tape, and textile pouches, alongside silk-modal blend scarves, cushions, and lampshades, each boasting floral patterns. Stacey Weaver's creations have graced the pages of renowned publications including Homestyle, Your Home & Garden, Queensland Homes magazine, Stuff Lifestyle and Latitude magazines and earned here a place in select New Zealand retail stores. 

Witness the enduring beauty of botanicals captured through her lens.

The 'New Zealand In Bloom' wrapping paper book showcases her breathtaking work and her dreamy, romantic style adapts perfectly to gift wrap. The gorgeous quality of the high-resolution photographic prints has seen many customers frame them!

This book was put together with both new and existing photographic works.

You can see more of Stacey's work at

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