About the Artist - Bec Brown

About the Artist - Bec Brown

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and where in NZ you're based? How does your environment influence your artistic process?
Bec Brown. Artist, Illustrator, Designer. South Island, New Zealand. Living beachside with my beautiful son, I work from a little studio based in our garden. With a focus on whimsical yet vibrant florals, I am always busy designing & creating original watercolour artworks & art prints, stationery, illustrating children’s books, bead jewellery plus a t-shirt range available via Doodlewear. Inspired by wild flowers, floral wallpapers, embroidery books & repeated patterns found in nature.

What sparked your interest in art, and how did you begin your artistic journey? Were there any particular experiences or mentors that shaped your approach?
I have painted since I was a little girl. It was always the dream to make it a full time gig, while being a mum.

What themes or concepts do you find most compelling in your artwork? Are there specific sources of inspiration that consistently inform your creations?
I absolutely love florals so the majority of my works are flowers! I want people to feel joyful, happy and calm when they view my artworks.

Could you describe the mediums and techniques you commonly use in your work? How do these choices contribute to the overall aesthetic of your pieces?
Watercolour and ink pen

Can you walk us through your creative process from ideation to completion? Do you have any specific rituals or practices that help you get into a creative flow?
Sometimes I’ll have dreams about big artworks. Lots of wonderful 2am ideas! I sketch the idea out onto paper then just go for it with watercolour and ink pen.

For the specific design featured in our book, what is the story or concept behind it? Are there any personal or cultural elements incorporated into the artwork?
It is feminine, floral, bright and cheerful.

What are your aspirations as an artist? Are there specific milestones or projects you're currently working towards?
Working on the illustrations for another children’s book which I absolutely LOVE. I would love to do more!

How do you hope your artwork resonates with people who encounter it? Is there a particular emotion or message you aim to evoke in your audience?
Happy Calm Joyful Light Feminine.

Where can we follow your journey?!
www.cloudsofcolour.com Insta - @cloudsofcolour

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