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Unwrap Your Creativity: 10 Unique Ways to Use Your Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper is a staple of the holiday season, but it's not just for wrapping gifts! With its wide range of colours and patterns, it can be used in all sorts of creative ways to decorate your home, craft unique DIY projects, and add a special touch to your gift-giving.

If you're looking for some fresh ideas on how to use wrapping paper in new and exciting ways, check out our list of 10 creative and innovative ways to use wrapping paper that you probably haven't tried before. 

  • DIY Wall Art

First up, use your favourite wrapping paper to create stunning wall art that perfectly matches your home decor. Simply frame the paper or use it to cover a canvas, and hey presto – you've got a gorgeous piece of art that's both affordable and unique.

  • Origami

If you're feeling crafty, use wrapping paper to make origami creations like animals, flowers, or geometric shapes. With a few simple folds and some creative inspiration, you can turn any patterned paper into a stunning work of art.

  • Drawer Liners

Give your storage space fun and stylish look by lining your drawers with your favourite wrapping paper. It's an easy and inexpensive way to freshen up your home decor.

  • Party Decoration

Throwing a party? Cut out paper bunting or create a backdrop for a photo booth. You can even use wrapping paper to wrap party favours or make custom party hats.

  • Book Covers

Protect your books and add a personal touch by covering them. You can cut the paper to size and use adhesive or tape to secure it in place. This is a fun way to make your books stand out on your bookshelf and add a touch of personality to it.

  • Homemade Envelopes

Create your own envelopes using wrapping paper for a personalised touch to your letters or invitations. Simply cut the paper to the appropriate size, fold it into an envelope shape, and seal it with tape or glue. Your recipients will surely appreciate and be impressed by the attention to detail. 

  • DIY Coasters

With a Do-It-Yourself coaster you can prevent water stain or your furniture. Simply cut the paper into circles or squares, then glue them onto cork or foam backing. You can even cover plain coasters with wrapping paper to give them a new look. 

  • Wallpaper

Want to make a bold statement with your home decor? Use wrapping paper as wallpaper! Simply apply the paper to your wall using adhesive or double-sided tape. It's a fun and temporary way to change up your decor and add some colour to any room.

  • Scrapbook

Finally, use wrapping paper as scrapbook paper to give your albums an original and interesting touch. The paper can be used as a background for your photographs or cut into shapes. This is a perfect way to add personal touches to your scrapbook pages and create lasting memories. 

To sum up, wrapping paper is a highly versatile material that can be used for a wide variety of creative projects. From crafting DIY wall art to creating personalised envelopes, there are countless opportunities for using it in unique and innovative ways. With its diverse range of colours and patterns, wrapping paper offers limitless possibilities for unleashing your creativity and elevating your crafting skills.

With that being said, trying these innovative ways to use wrapping paper will inspire you to get creative with this versatile material. Check out amazing designs from Artwrap to make your crafting stand out!
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