Meet the Artist - Studio Soph!

Meet the Artist - Studio Soph!

Ever since she could hold a pen, Sophie Holt was drawing on the kitchen table where her mum was working with clay. Illustrating is still her favourite thing to do. Most often she draws on ceramics, but loves to switch it around with paper, paint, mixed media and recently moving to digital, working on an iPad. 

She finds clay particularly attractive as it is one of the oldest art materials on the planet and will last forever once fired. Sophie represents the third generation in her family to work with clay, which is particularly special as it connects her with her Dutch roots. 

Sophie’s Art Wrap design ‘Friendship’ is the embodiment of her creative style - her signature cheetah, lurking in a lush tropical foliage, on a vivid pink background. It’s bright, playful, bold and unmistakably Studio Soph! 








Based in Motueka, Sophie’s art reflects the nature and bohemian spirit of this most beautiful region. 

This unmistakable Cheetah can be spotted on many of Sophie’s creations, from her iconic vases, hand-painted textiles, jewellery, mugs, prints, postcards and even in shop fit outs - it’s something of a mascot for her brand. 

As well as her array of feline friends, Sophie’s contemporary, bright and distinctive pieces also take the form of buxom broads, bearded babes and a whole menagerie of fantastic beasts, set against bright backdrops and playful patterns. 

Sophie’s work is stocked in Nelson’s Little Beehive Co-op, Inc Design Store and can be purchased from each of them online. She can also be spotted at one-off markets and events in the Nelson region - follow Sophie’s social media pages to keep up to date of where and when these are happening. 

You can grab your own little slice of Studio Soph in the Great New Zealand Wrapping Paper book, Celebration Edition - its jungle vibes would look great wrapped around a leafy houseplant, bunch of flowers…or what not make an entire set of it and use it around one of Sophie’s stunning ceramic pieces?! 

The Art Wrap Celebration book also contains nine other beautiful wrapping paper sheets, each one different, and suitable for any occasion. Every sheet is designed by a different New Zealand artist, which is incredibly handy as we know you will definitely want to keep a sheet or two for yourself, meaning there is plenty to go around! 

Get your Art Wrap book today! 

Sophie Holt aka. Studio Soph - Friendship

Featured in the Celebration Great New Zealand Book 

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