Covering Exercise Books with Wrapping Paper: A Creative Solution

Covering Exercise Books with Wrapping Paper: A Creative Solution

Students use exercise books for taking notes, writing assignments, and completing classwork. Over time, these books can become worn and torn, making them look worn out. Fortunately, covering them with wrapping paper is an easy and creative solution that not only protects the books but also adds a personal touch.

In this blog post, we'll explore how to wrap exercise books with wrapping paper, step-by-step.

Materials Needed:

  • Exercise books
  • Wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Double-sided tape or glue stick
  • Clear tape

Step 1: Measure and Cut the Wrapping Paper

The first step is to measure the length and width of the exercise book and add a little extra to each measurement to allow for some overlap. Cut the wrapping paper to the correct size using scissors.

Step 2: Apply Wrapping Paper

Next, apply the wrapping paper to the cover of the exercise book. Start by placing the center of the wrapping paper on the centre of the cover and smooth it out towards the edges. Make sure there are no bubbles or wrinkles in the paper.

Step 3: Fold the Edges

Once the wrapping paper is in place, fold the edges over the cover and press them down firmly. You can use double-sided tape or a glue stick to secure the edges in place.

Step 4: Seal the Edges with Clear Tape

Finally, use clear tape to seal the edges and prevent them from fraying or coming loose. Make sure to use enough tape to keep the edges secure.

Step 5: Repeat for the Other Books

Repeat the process for your other exercise books as required. You could choose to use different designs to create a colorful collection.

And that's it! Covering exercise books with wrapping paper is a simple and effective way to protect them and add a personal touch.

You can choose wrapping paper in a variety of patterns and colours to match your style, making your exercise books a reflection of who you are.

So next time your exercise books start to show signs of wear and tear, try wrapping them with wrapping paper and see the difference for yourself!

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