About the Artist - Alice Berry

About the Artist - Alice Berry

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and where in NZ you're based? How does your environment influence your artistic process?

I live in Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland next to one of the lovely maunga. The environment plays a big role in my artistic process - it's where the majority of my inspiration comes from. The vibes and the colours of nature are the best!

What sparked your interest in art, and how did you begin your artistic journey? Were there any particular experiences or mentors that shaped your approach?

I'm not really sure... I've always painted for fun for as long as I can remember. I never formally trained in art, I've just let it happen and see where it takes me. I did get a degree in Graphic Design though which I think goes nicely alongside the arts and the two practices compliment each other.

What themes or concepts do you find most compelling in your artwork? Are there specific sources of inspiration that consistently inform your creations?

I just try to be authentic to what I'm experiencing. Whether that be on a holiday seeing new environments, or the feelings you get when sitting in a sunny garden. It's often different sources, but I try to let it express as authentically as possible.

Could you describe the mediums and techniques you commonly use in your work? How do these choices contribute to the overall aesthetic of your pieces?

These days I mostly use paints and clay - separately haha. I used to do a lot more digital illustration (like my wrapping paper) as well. I love the free flow of paint and the organic-ness of clay.

Can you walk us through your creative process from ideation to completion? Do you have any specific rituals or practices that help you get into a creative flow?

Honestly, there is no specific routine. Sometime I can see an idea in my head and then it's a process of figuring out how to bring it to life, and sometimes there is no plan at all, I just start and see where it goes.

For the specific design featured in our book, what is the story or concept behind it? Are there any personal or cultural elements incorporated into the artwork?

I love this illustration haha it's super kiwi summer vibes with blue skies and ice cream... but with a twist! I don't even really know how I came up with the idea but I think it's super fun.So, we've got the classic vanilla flavour, and my personal fave - mint. But be careful... it might bite back!

What are your aspirations as an artist? Are there specific milestones or projects you're currently working towards?

I have a few things in mind but I'll keep that quiet for now... in the meantime I want to get back into my ceramics a lot more.

How do you hope your artwork resonates with people who encounter it? Is there a particular emotion or message you aim to evoke in your audience?

I hope they have a little giggle!!

Where can we follow your journey?!

@aliceberrydesign on insta / fb. aliceberrydesign.com to find out more and shop :)

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