Thanks Teach!

Thanks Teach!

Where would we be without teachers? The ones who tirelessly give their days to our children, who nurture, enlighten, engage, protect, listen and inspire. They’re always there.

In any other school year, their work is indispensable, but in 2020, the adjustments and efforts made to accommodate the uncertainty and changes that were rolling out week after week - remote learning, online resources, maintaining a connection and sense of stability when face to face time just was not possible - all whilst grappling with their own personal circumstances and uncertainty - it’s safe to say that we’re more grateful for teachers and educators than ever before. 

As the school year comes to an end (we did it!) many parents and carers would like to say thank you, and show appreciation, to the teachers in our lives - for all that they are, and all that they give. 

Like all gestures of kindness, a thank you can come in all shapes and sizes, and does not need to be expensive, or material. A handmade card, or note. Some baking or flowers from the garden. It’s the thought that counts. 

But what if you’d like to give something a little extra? What do you give the person who gives so much of themselves to those closest to us, but we often know very little about in regards to their tastes, hobbies, likes and interests? 

We feel that when in doubt, we go by the following: 1) Something local 2) Something useful - that way you know that you are supporting local makers and artists, and whatever you give will have a purpose and not go to waste.

Art Wrap books make the perfect gift for the teachers in your lives - with ten stunning sheets of high quality gift wrap per book, each illustrated by a New Zealand artist, they are beautiful, practical, and really say ‘you’re someone special’. 

Art Wrap sheets can be used for any festivity or occasion, making them versatile and practical all year-round. They handily store away on a shelf, in a drawer - making them portable and convenient, whether it ends up at home or in the classroom. Not only do Art Wrap books create the most wonderfully wrapped gifts, but they also come in handy in the classroom for crafts, art projects, book coverings, or decorating a blank classroom wall or tired and faded noticeboard. 

Order an Art Wrap book online today, and have it delivered to you before the end of term. Even better, our bundle deals offer great savings and mean multiple gifts are taken care of...or why not keep one for yourself?

Either way, Art Wrap gifts are the perfect way to show appreciation for the teachers and educators in your life. Get yours here!

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